Gift Voucher

The users can purchase the gift voucher using their credit card and the voucher code will be sent to the email address of other users or someone who is not even a user of CathayPlay. The gift balance can then be used to purchase subscriptions.

The users can view it under their profile once they will log into CathayPlay.

  • Navigate to “Profile-->” Gift Voucher”.
  • Type the gift voucher “Amount” (the amount that you want to send as a gift).
  • Type the “Recipient’s Email” (to whom you want to send the gift voucher).
  • Type the “Message” you want to send to the gift voucher recipient.
  • Click on “Proceed”.
  • Type your Credit Card details and click on “Pay Now”.
  • The gift voucher code will be sent to the recipient’s email address. The recipient can redeem the gift voucher by using the code.

    The recipient will get the gift voucher code in his/her email (see below screenshot) and can redeem it in CathayPlay.

To redeem the gift voucher, one needs to log in to CathayPlay. If the recipient is not an user of CatghayPlay, then he/she first, need to register at CathayPlay to redeem the voucher.

  • Navigate to “Profile-->” My Wallet”.
  • Click on “Gift Wallet”.
  • Click on “Gift Redeem”.
  • Type the gift voucher code received in the email and click on “Redeem”. The amount will be added to their “Gift Wallet”.

The recipient can use the gift balance to purchase the subscription.

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